Functional areas covered by QuoHotel


Information management

QuoHotel includes tools for both Business Intelligence and reporting. Within the ecosystem we have QuoHotel Dashboards, a Business Intelligence application for hotels based on Microsoft Power BI. We can also receive daily management reports.



QuoHotel makes use of all the options and channels available in order to sell rooms and the various complementary services offered. It is also integrated with the Channel Manager.

  • Sales channels
  • Booking management
  • Company website connection
  • Rates and contracts management
  • Revenue Management
  • Call Centre

PMS (Hotel management)

The hotel PMS contains all the front office and back office tools that professionals need in order to carry out their everyday tasks efficiently. The QuoHotel PMS covers all of these áreas:

  • Reservations
  • Reception
  • Business Groups
  • Housekeeping / Technical Services
  • Production
  • Billing
  • Payments and cashpoint management
  • Currency exchange
  • Link with peripherals

QuoHotel for Marketing

QuoHotel for Marketing software is developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM). The solution is 100% integrated with the rest of QuoHotel’s functional areas and covers the processes of:

  • Digital marketing
  • Online reputation
  • Loyalty / Customer care
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QuoPOS (Point of Sale management)

QuoHotel includes QuoPOS, point of sale software. We use it to manage and maximise the performance of restaurants, cafes, shops and various activities and commercial services aimed at the guest.


Additional services

We also cover other means of generating income for the hotel business. In addition to the hotel’s main service, accommodation, we can manage these additional services:

  • Spa & Wellness
  • Time Sharing
  • Golf Desk
  • Events
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Financial and purchase management

QuoHotel is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and so it can manage the Finance and Purchase department by planning and monitoring all the processes in detail:

  • Purchasing and storage
  • Centralisation of purchases
  • Purchase department
  • Financial management

QuoHotel software allows you to manage the entire hotel chain within the same system. Maintaining centralised information is one of the main ways to reduce costs and increase the productivity of workers who have easy access to the information they need at all times. It also provides a 360-degree view of the various operations of your hotel business


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Keep all the information in a 100% integrated unique solution

This software for hotels and hotels chains management increases your establishments competitiveness by means of an overall vision, automating processes and speeding your internal tasks.

QuoHotel also gives your hospitality business a broad range of advanced tools (no matter if it is aimed at holidays, urban, spa or resorts) to efficiently manage all your areas.


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“QuoHotel provides us with comprehensive management of all the areas and of all the departments that make up each Artiem hotel, and this entails an improvement in productivity and, of course, customer service.”

José Guillermo Díaz
CEO of Artiem

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“We chose QuoHotel in particular due to its flexibility. It helps us to see the business from various perspectives. Right now all the company’s information is centralised and up to date, and we can adapt it to our needs.”

Bernat Real
IT Manager VIVA hotels

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“Our intention is to continue working with QuoHotel. They have helped us to grow and they have provided us with solutions to all the technological and commercial problems that we have encountered. They are familiar with our business and help Bull Hotels to continue innovating technologically.“

Pedro Sarmiento
IT Manager Bull Hotels

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