Manage all the services of your hotel business

QuoHotel software enables the integrated management of hotel businesses. It allows you to manage the additional services your hotel may offer in addition to your main business within the same software.

This hotel system can be modified to fit the needs of each hotel. Since it is customisable software, we can optimise management of the additional services we may offer.

When implementing management software, you should think not only in the short term, but in the medium and long term as well.

Quonita and QuoHotel: a success story

QuoHotel software is updated regularly and is designed to facilitate the growth of hotel businesses. Although you may not currently offer extra services, with QuoHotel you can expand your services in the future.

Additional Services


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Why a PMS for my hotel?
Increase profitability and improve service

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Manage complementary services using QuoHotel



This area is used to manage the conference rooms of the hotel and scheduled events. You can oversee, plan and manage all the resources that are needed (both material and human), and handle the complete commercial process of the events.


Spa & Wellness

QuoHotel features a functional area or Spas and Wellness software which you can use to manage booths, schedule specialists or therapists, allocate the materials used in each session and manage common areas.

The software for Spas and Wellness allows you to create service programmes and packages, with or without stay included, so you can also use this area to manage other types of services, such as gyms.


Time Sharing

QuoHotel has a functional area to cover Time Sharing. It allows you to manage co-ownership, supervise member fees, keep a property inventory, pool rental and manage the various aspects of the properties in an integrated manner with the PMS reservation area.


Golf Desk

Handle all the processes involved in golf course access using QuoHotel: payment of green fees and all the other complementary services with rates that can be configured according to seasons and dates. What’s more, billing for all these services can be done together or separately from the customer’s overall bill for their stay.

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“QuoHotel provides us with comprehensive management of all the areas and of all the departments that make up each Artiem hotel, and this entails an improvement in productivity and, of course, customer service.”

José Guillermo Díaz
CEO of Artiem

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“We chose QuoHotel in particular due to its flexibility. It helps us to see the business from various perspectives. Right now all the company’s information is centralised and up to date, and we can adapt it to our needs.”

Bernat Real
IT Manager VIVA hotels

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“Our intention is to continue working with QuoHotel. They have helped us to grow and they have provided us with solutions to all the technological and commercial problems that we have encountered. They are familiar with our business and help Bull Hotels to continue innovating technologically.“

Pedro Sarmiento
IT Manager Bull Hotels

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