A Hotel CRM integrated with QuoHotel

QuoHotel for Marketing is a hotel CRM developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. The needs of hotel businesses are different from those of other businesses. This is why we have developed a hotel-specific CRM solution which we can use to create and execute marketing actions (campaigns, mailings, surveys, etc.) and analyse results so that we can apply the appropriate corrective measures and consistently ensure the following:

  • Offers which suit customers’ tastes
  • A clear image of the hotel on social networks
  • Excellence in service

This will allow us to achieve customer loyalty and repeat business, primarily through direct bookings.


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Why a PMS for my hotel?
Increase profitability and improve service

  • Discover the benefits of having global management software

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Digital Marketing

QuoHotel for Marketing features all the tools that the marketing department of your hotel business needs to be able to segment and manage customer data, as well as manage marketing campaigns and their subsequent analysis once finished. All this with the aim of achieving customer loyalty and therefore getting more direct bookings.

With the hotel CRM you can manage all the information on customers and all your marketing campaigns in a way that is integrated with the rest of the QuoHotel hotel software. This is because the entire ecosystem has been developed on Microsoft platforms.


Loyalty / Customer Care

With the hotel CRM we can manage automated emails and guest surveys (including multilingual ones). Guest surveys allow us to obtain information which is useful at the business level, to find out their satisfaction level as well as other useful information we can use in order to improve the customer experience.

We can also manage and track the sending of information, offers, reservation confirmation, reminders … QuoHotel for Marketing is integrated with mass emailing solutions such as Mailchimp, Markitude and others.


Online Reputation

With QuoHotel for Marketing we can control our online presence, both on social networks and OTAs. A recent study by Cornell University shows that positive reviews received by a hotel establishment have a direct relationship with an increase in occupancy, ADR and REVPAR. The opposite is the case for negative reviews.

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“QuoHotel provides us with comprehensive management of all the areas and of all the departments that make up each Artiem hotel, and this entails an improvement in productivity and, of course, customer service.”

José Guillermo Díaz
CEO of Artiem

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“We chose QuoHotel in particular due to its flexibility. It helps us to see the business from various perspectives. Right now all the company’s information is centralised and up to date, and we can adapt it to our needs.”

Bernat Real
IT Manager VIVA hotels

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“Our intention is to continue working with QuoHotel. They have helped us to grow and they have provided us with solutions to all the technological and commercial problems that we have encountered. They are familiar with our business and help Bull Hotels to continue innovating technologically.“

Pedro Sarmiento
IT Manager Bull Hotels

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