QuoHotel breaks into Morocco with Innoglobal

Morocco, march, 15th 2019

QuoHotel, comprehensive management software for the hotel sector based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, has taken another step forward in its international strategy. The solution is now present in Morocco with its new partner Innoglobal, specialists in digital technology and transformation in the country.

QuoHotel has more than 20 years experience in the market and is widely used internationally. In fact, it is installed in more than 600 independent hotels and hotel chains all over the world.

Welcoming Innoglobal into its network of partners provides the solution with continued growth through a company that boasts a specialist team with significant experience in Dynamics technology. For Innoglobal QuoHotel is a key element of their specialisation strategy in the emerging hotels market in Morocco.

Extending its network of partners enables QuoHotel to intensify its global software distribution and expansion strategy, in conjunction with its position as a highly-competitive, international leading brand in digital management ecosystems for the hotel trade.

Said Radi, Innoglobal CEO, states: “We are convinced that this will be an opportunity to grow as a tech firm, by entering the emerging and important hotel sector in Morocco. We view QuoHotel as an excellent solution that will add strength, commitment, and security to our business proposal for the hotel sector”.

Sebastià Vidal, Business Development Manager at QuoHotel, affirms his company’s commitment to Innoglobal “It is a privilege to have Innoglobal as our partner. This partnership will boost our continued growth in a fast-expanding area”