QuoHotel, hotel management software

QuoHotel is a system for hotels developed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform that integrates all the functional areas that hotel businesses need for their complete management within the same solution. QuoHotel software incorporates PMS for hotel management, ERP for accounting and finance, CRM, Business Intelligence, management of additional services, POS and marketing.

This hotel system will provide you with all the necessary tools to manage your hotels, whether they are holiday hotels, spa and wellness, city, resort, seasonal or any other kind of hotel.

In addition, QuoHotel can be implemented either On-Premise (hosted locally) or via subscription or monthly rental (Cloud). QuoHotel’s consultants offer advice so you can choose the best option in each case according to the needs of your business.

Quonita and QuoHotel: a success story

The QuoHotel hotel system has been granted the CfMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics) certificate by Microsoft, which ensures that the full potential of the platform is used to develop the business.

For all types of hotels…

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  • Discover the benefits of an integrated and real-time management software for your hotel or hotel chain

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For all types of hotels

Holiday hotels


QuoHotel software is suited to the needs of holiday hotels. This management system is able to meet all the requirements of this type of establishment. What’s more, QuoHotel allows you to implement customised developments so that the software is 100% suited to your hotel business. Some of the holiday establishment specific features that QuoHotel can manage are:

  • Price management based on the independent assignment of contracts
  • Flexibility when it comes to managing rates according to seasonality and the status of the customer (direct, agencies or companies)
  • Covers all point of sale management in restaurants, bars, stores, etc.
  • Handles reservations via all channels and customer type, be they individual, families, business groups …
  • Covers all reception features from a guest’s arrival to their departure

City hotels


City hotels usually have specific characteristics because of the type of customer, the promotions that may be running at a given moment, short duration stays, etc. Managing rooms and events is also very important for city hotels. With QuoHotel these can be managed in full and integrated with the other areas of the hotel.

It is a solution that provides ease and efficiency in managing rates, which is essential for hotels where stays are short. All this with full integration with any online channel via the market’s main Channel Managers.

In addition, QuoHotel is a modifiable hotel system, meaning it can be tailored to suit your establishment as much as posible.

Hotels with Spa & Wellness


One of the many areas that QuoHotel covers is spa and wellness management. This type of establishment tends to offer treatment packages or individual services, with or without stay included, using tools for the detailed management of frequent customers. It can also be used to manage gyms.

Some of the many uses of this module are the following:

  • Management of booths and therapists
  • Thermal pools and hot springs
  • Treatment packages
  • Treatment scheduling and management
  • Gym management
  • Members and rates

Resort hotels


Resort hotels usually offer several extra services besides accommodation, such as activities, treatments, food/drink and more.

QuoHotel can manage and centralise all the details related to the guest experience. Guests can pay for different service packages and the hotel system lets us record all consumption regardless of where it happens in the complex, offering maximum flexibility when it comes to paying for different services.

QuoHotel has all the relevant information in real time, so you can manage all areas in the same software.

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“QuoHotel provides us with comprehensive management of all the areas and of all the departments that make up each Artiem hotel, and this entails an improvement in productivity and, of course, customer service.”

José Guillermo Díaz
CEO of Artiem

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“We chose QuoHotel in particular due to its flexibility. It helps us to see the business from various perspectives. Right now all the company’s information is centralised and up to date, and we can adapt it to our needs.”

Bernat Real
IT Manager VIVA hotels

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