Why QuoHotel?

Not just a PMS … It’s a comprehensive management solution for hotels

QuoHotel is not just a PMS – it actually contains many more features. The same software integrates Front-Office (PMS) and Back-Office features, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV accounting and finance module, online connectivity with the main market Channel Managers, management of housekeepers and technical services, management of  events, spa & wellness, time sharing, golf desk… It also covers CRM, Business Intelligence and POS management.


Cost effectiveness

Our clients have verified that managing a hotel business with QuoHotel allows you to increase profitability:

  • Increases in income by increasing occupancy, ADR, REVPAR and TREVPAR
  • Management of online allocation via both your own website and OTAs by means of Channel Managers
  • Optimises sale price strategy
  • Increased satisfaction, loyalty and direct bookings
  • Online reputation management: improving positive impact directly affects occupancy

Cost reduction

Reducing costs is one of the keys to increasing profits in any hotel business. QuoHotel allows you to:

  • Integrate all areas in a single application thus saving on management costs
  • Streamline check-in and check-out transactions
  • Optimise Food and Beverage stocks
  • Optimise purchases

Risk -free growth

QuoHotel facilitates the development of your hotel business:

  • It allows you to manage new services and departments (Spa, Rooms and Events, Golf, …)
  • It allows you to add different types of hotels to your chain
  • It allows you to add new hotels in the same country or abroad.

Risk management:

  • QuoHotel helps you to grow while always complying with the legal, fiscal and accounting obligations of each of the countries the hotels are located in.
  • It allows you to secure your investment in technology, avoid obsolescence and adapt to changes through regular updates by Quonext Tourism and Microsoft.

For all types of hotels

This flexible software can be used for all types of hotels, whether they are holiday, city, resort or hotels with spa and wellness.

Each hotel establishment has its own specific characteristics. QuoHotel can be modified and customised to suit the needs of each one.



QuoHotel has a client portfolio of more than 40 hotel chains and more than 600 implementations of management software worldwide.

In addition, the QuoHotel and Quonext Turismo team is made up of experts with more than 20 years’ experience in the hotel sector and ICT.


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Why a PMS for my hotel?
Increase profitability and improve service

  • Discover the benefits of having global management software

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“QuoHotel provides us with comprehensive management of all the areas and of all the departments that make up each Artiem hotel, and this entails an improvement in productivity and, of course, customer service.”

José Guillermo Díaz
CEO of Artiem

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“We chose QuoHotel in particular due to its flexibility. It helps us to see the business from various perspectives. Right now all the company’s information is centralised and up to date, and we can adapt it to our needs.”

Bernat Real
IT Manager VIVA hotels

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“Our intention is to continue working with QuoHotel. They have helped us to grow and they have provided us with solutions to all the technological and commercial problems that we have encountered. They are familiar with our business and help Bull Hotels to continue innovating technologically.“

Pedro Sarmiento
IT Manager Bull Hotels

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